The husbando store for the ladies and queers ♥

About Me

Hey I'm nox! (she/they)

I'm a queer, Afrolatinx artist based in Vancouver Canada, struggling just much as anyone with the pandemic. I lost my job early in the year, but I never gave up hope that I could survive the dumpster fire that was 2020, and I did!

For the past year I've been doing d&d commissions, working with various podcasts, streamers, supplement creators, and more, and while I love all the projects that I was blessed and am grateful to have worked on, I found that I was a little burnt out and wanted to try something new.

I decided then, in November, that I'd take a break and take care of my mental health, which has been phenomenal and incredibly productive, so much so that I decided to jump into this venture after much encouragement from my friends! 

I'm brand new to this corner of the artistic pond, but I'm so very lucky to have an incredible support network of people that have been doing this, and that are willing to help me navigate the ups and downs of this type of business. I hope that the future of both taking care of myself and doing things I enjoy brings a wholesome experience for you all, despite the eventual exposure to my kinks lmao

I hope you'll allow me to quench your thirsts as much as I am able, for as long as I am able ♥