The husbando store for the ladies and queers ♥

Copy of FAQ

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If there's any delays, I'll post about it there!


♥ When will I recieve my order?
I ship from Vancouver Canada, so its very dependent on the location.


  • Stickers takes 2-3 weeks to arrive to my location,
  • Shirts take 3-4 weeks
  • Canadian / Local: 4-6 Weeks
  • US: 4-6 Weeks depending on your courier
  • International: 5-7 Weeks and above depending on the location and customs


  • Are usually packed the weekend after store closure, then shipped out a few days after (when I can get a ride to the Chit Chats drop off)

  • Canadian / Local: 2-3 Weeks
  • US: 2-3 Weeks depending on your courier
  • International: 3-4 Weeks and above depending on the location and customs

There's also delays due to COVID-19, so please take that into account! I'll do my best to the stickies to you asap, but once ChitChats takes it and delivers it to USPS its out of my hands!

♥ Do you ship internationally?
Yep! Just please make sure to verify your shipping address so the chances of lost stickes is lower!

♥ Will I get a tracking number?
There's only partial tracking at the moment!

♥ What's your refund policy?
I'll allow refunds within 24 hours of purchase while your order has not been processed.

  • IF the items have been recieved and you still wish to refund them, DM me on on IG or through the contact form on the site, and a refund will be issued once all the items are returned

  • Damaged items upon arrival, are elegible for a one-time replacement, just send me a DM or an email with a description or attached photos of the damage!

♥ How do you ship the stickers?
All stickies are shipped in flatmailers to prevent as much travel damage as possible. 

♥ How often will you be opening the store?
Once a month! Though I don't have a set date or anything just yet. I'm just one person doing everything, so once a month would be best to keep the volume self contained enough to let me draw and make more art the rest of the time :)

♥ Do you plan on making x/y/z character?
Can't say for sure. If there's a demand for it maybe, but I can't guarantee your husbando will definitely make an appearance. I'm planning on doing the boys I like most, and I want to make a bunch of random hot ocs too! 

♥ Do you plan to make other types of merch besides stickers?
Of course! Though I've never done this sort of business before, so I'm learning as I go. But if there's a demand for any one specific type of merch, I'll definitely consider it! :)

♥ How did you get into making stickers?
You can thank my bb MilkySyrup. It was her idea! I thought it would be a fun to try it myself, since I'd watched her do it from the start~!

♥ Why 'Send Dudes'?
It just hit me one morning after a long brainstorming session with some friends. Sent me and the homies rolling when I told them, so I just went with it!